Social Services

Medical Social Workers are on staff to consult with patients and their families on coordinating community resources, financial assistance and planning for the future.

Our Nursing Services are monitored by Registered Nurses and coordinated with the patientís personal physician. Some benefits of receiving nursing care at home include but not limited to the following:

:: Teaching of Medications & Disease Process.
:: Catheter Care.
:: Administration of Injections.
:: Laboratory Testing.
:: Pain Management.
:: Infusion Therapy.
:: Diabetes Managements.
:: Post-Surgical Care.
:: Cardiac Management.
:: Medication Management.
:: Wound care.
:: Trach care.
:: Ventilator management.

Our Physical Therapists help patients suffering from injury or disease to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Our Occupational Therapists assist clients in the community setting to help rehabilitate those impaired because of illness, injury or psychological or developmental problems. They may recommend changes in patients' work or living environments, consistent with their needs and capabilities.


:: Bed Bath / Sponge Bath.
:: Assistance in Shower / Tub.
:: Shampoo hair.
:: Brush / comb hair.
:: Shave.
:: Apply Make-up.
:: Nail care ( clean and file).
:: Skin care / apply non medicated lotion to skin.
:: Assistance with dressing.
:: Medication reminder.


:: Prepare meals / snacks.
:: Assistance with feeding.
:: Feeding.
:: Encourage fluids as ordered.


:: Assistance to Bathroom.
:: Assistance to bedside commode.
:: Assistance with bedpan.
:: Incontinence Care.


:: Assistance with walking.
:: Assistance with Transfers (Bed / Chair / Wheelchair ).
:: Assistance with Home exercises (passive).
:: Range of motion exercises.


:: Accompany to Appointments.
:: Shopping / Errands.


:: Perform laundry.
:: Light housekeeping (vacuuming, sweeping, dusting).
:: Make bed / change bed linens.
:: Keep bathroom clean.
:: Take out trash.
:: Clean kitchen dishes.

Our experienced Social Work Case Manager work with clients to develop and facilitate medical and community services and resources that the client needs in order to continue to function in the community